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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New House, New Blog, New Start!

    It's amazing how moving can be such an emotional thing. My husband and I recently decided to move after spending six years in our home. Currently, our nine year old goes to school with me via a boundary exception and can continue to do so through middle and high school BUT we'd have to figure out a way to get him there and home EVERY DAY. We loved our home but felt it was important to keep in the same school system he had been in. In all honesty, we hadn't been actively looking for a house because we had three years before it would become a big priority. That was until this house came on the radar. We found this house and it's only four minutes from my school. Seriously, FOUR MINUTES. Not only that, but it was going for a great price because it had been sitting for awhile. We jumped in head first and bought the house. 
      My husband spent countless nights working over here, while the kids and I packed at our other house. We waited about a month before we put the house we were living in on the market. When we put it on the market, we thought we'd have some time but we got lucky and sold it to the first person who walked through it. Don't get me wrong, we were excited because paying two house payments wasn't too much fun but I'm not sure we had emotionally prepared ourselves to actually leave. When the day came, it was way harder than I had thought it would be. I know the house was just a shell but the memories it held were like no else. Chase, our oldest, had made so many milestones there and Caiden, our youngest, had only known this as home.  
     The house was within a block of our subdivision pool and playground so the location was so amazing. The drive to work wasn't horrible, just 30 minutes each way.I couldn't believe the emotional attachment it held. For the last two months, I've been driving Caiden back to his old daycare (which is located in our old subdivision) because I knew summer break was coming and I didn't want to uproot him for just two months.So now, I was driving PAST my work everyday, driving 30 minutes to my old subdivision and then 30 minutes back to work every morning and night. It wasn't that it was such a long drive but more the fact that I actually passed work but couldn't get back there for an hour. I managed to drive past the our old house and thought about what's going on inside. It would make me sad to know it wasn't my family home anymore. This new house felt foreign to me.  
        Now though, we have put our own touches on it. Chase loves his "super big" closet and Caiden thinks the driveway is the best place ever to "drive" his cars.  This new chapter will be great. I know it will be an amazing change. We are getting there a baby step at a time...
Last night in our old house

Here's to new beginnings!

First night selfie


  1. I hope you're settling in and enjoying your new home! It's definitely unsettling for a bit. :)

  2. It's finally feeling like home. It took a bit but it really has been a great change!