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Friday, June 26, 2015

Tpt Seller Challenge Week #2

I'm working hard on getting caught up on my TpT Seller Challenge so here's my second blog post in one day!! I'm feeling inspired. The challenge for the second week was to blog about your dreams for TpT and how it fits into your life. 

My first dream is to pay off my student loans.  I just got under $30,000 left and I was ridiculously excited. Well, that is until I figured out that I would pay off my loan at just about the time that my son would be entering college.  If I just had that extra month every month, my life would change drastically. 

Next, I would LOVE to take my boys to Disney World. I have never been myself but I always hear about people who take their kids there and it's the memory a lifetime. I have also heard it takes a lot of money to go there. If we were to go, I'd want to be in a place that I wouldn't have to worry about only doing certain things due to lack of funds. 

My third dream and fourth dream go hand in hand. In life, I worry about EVERYTHING. I have gotten better with age but one of my biggest worries continues to be money, bills, and making sure that my kids have all of the things they need. I will say that I am lucky. We have money to live in our home, pay our bills, and buy food BUT if we had more disposable income, that would be great. I would love to pay off the credit card we have, say good bye to our car payments, and just be able to breathe easier when it comes to money. I'm hoping to get to that place someday with TpT. 


  1. These are great dreams and your life would be amazing when they are fulfilled. Best of luck
    Paula’s Place and iSURF Maths

  2. I feel like student loans are everyone's 1st dream. Isn't it crazy that we spend all that money to go to school to be teachers who build key components in doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. yet we make the least and can't even afford to pay off all that schooling. I hope that your dreams do come true!

    Lovely Literacy and More

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