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I like to think of my classroom as a place where students come and know that they will learn and that they will be loved. I am a lifelong learner and want to soak up any knowledge I can about what is best for my students. I  promote a growth mindset in my classroom. Ask any of my students something I constantly say and I would bet most of them would tell you my famous line is ," You can only do what you think you can do." We often talk about what is easy for you might not be easy for everyone and I often remind them to keep that in mind when working with others.

 Check out below to see some of my favorite parts of my class!

Every quarter, my class has an auction. They use the Dojo points that they've earned for that quarter to bid on different items, much like an auction. The kids sometimes get outbid by each other but learn that the more points you earn, the more you can bid. Auctions are by far one of my favorite and definitely a favorite for my students. 

My view from my favorite spot in my classroom. Anytime I asked the kids to put something on my desk, I'd almost always find it here on the guided reading table. It makes sense, I was at this table WAY more than I was ever at my desk.

This is where kids pick their Daily 5 stations. Every morning the kids come in, pick their lunch choices, do their morning work, and pick their Daily 5 stations. I have put white spaces up if they will be out of the classroom during that station. I also put up the iPad spaces for when they have their turn on iPad and Meet with Teacher spaces for when they need to come to Guided Reading.

Our Objectives for the second half of the day. You can find the adorable schedule cards here Schedule Cards by Tweet Resources. The cards are also editable so you can add things specific to your classroom. For example, I typed a bunch with our CITW Objective language.

Our chart on our classroom Effort board. I borrowed the idea from Hello Literacy's blog. It really helped SO much!

For every paper I place on the effort board, I also put a note explaining how I am so proud of their effort.

The focus of the effort board is to focus on the growth the child has made, not on the grade. There are many times the student may have missed half of the problems BUT they've worked so hard and I want to recognize that aspect. Maybe they started with getting all of the problems wrong so it is obvious that they put effort into learning the material.

Well, this is the current state of my classroom. The dreaded end of the year pack up but on top of that, I moved classrooms this year so it's twice the mess!

Then there's the closet.....

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